Team Building Events

Team EventRe-energise your team with one of our customised team development programmes. We offer a range of activities from canyoning, abseiling and adventure races, integrated with archery, paintball and fun games where the whole team can get involved, have a good laugh and blow away some cobwebs away before, during or even after your conference. We cater for all ages and physical ability.


Ice Breakers

This is for the group to relax and have a good laugh and relieve any uneasiness.

Warm Ups

To warm up the body, but more importantly to get everyone interacting better with everyone, not just those in their immediate team environment or those they already know.


If you’ve no time for canyoning but would like to do something similar to challenge your team we have two alternative abseiling experiences for you situated on the stunning Auckland Waitakere Estate grounds

Canopy View Abseil – 1.5hrs

A 28m abseil that starts off as a gentle ramp that will eases you over the edge and have you scaling a vertical wall, while surrounded by beautiful native bush. This abseil is only a 2-minute walk from the Waitakere Estate conference rooms.

Rainforest Waterfall – 3hrs

After honing your skills with some basic abseil practice you will then be divided into two teams and head into the bush following a steam. There you will face three abseils, the biggest of which is 30m as well as some other obstacles that you’ll have to work together as a team to overcome. Most of the time you will be in ankle to knee-deep water, but the last abseil will shower you, so bring some spare dry clothes!

All obstacles are optional and participants can pick which abseils they do – A great option for big groups with a variety of fitness and ability levels. Challenges will require teamwork and some individuals will need to step out of their comfort zones with the support of their team.

Rogaine and Adventure Races

These are problem-solving activities where the whole team gets involved. Its all about fun and participation, so we make it our mission to make sure everyone enjoys getting involved and having a good laugh.

The Rogaine Race

A navigational challenge with maps and compasses, where teams compete against each other and the clock to make it to checkpoints and complete challenges, such as archery along the way.

Team Adventure Race

Fun problem solving challenges, where teams race against each other to complete activities like paintball target shooting, blindfolded mazes, and tricky puzzles! This program will expose real challenges faced by teams in their work place in a fun non-threatening way. Values addressed through these activities are – support, effective communication, trust, accountability and collaboration.


Canopy View Abseil

$95 per person – *Minimum total price $1100

Rainforest Stream Abseiling

$145 per person – *Minimum total price $1450

Rogaine and Adventure Races

For a quote please call or email us today with your requirements.

What you need to know


Prices quoted do not include transport, we are however happy to arrange this for you at your request. Please contact us to discuss your options.

We provide

We will provide you with full training and safety instructions by experienced and qualified guides as well as harnesses and helmets and all the abseiling equipment needed.

Please bring

Clothing suitable for abseiling in (shorts and t-shirt are ideal), spare sneakers for in the water (they will get wet!), a towel, sunscreen and clothes for after.

Other information

For information on conference and lunch facilities please contact Aucklands Waitakere Estate, Piha Beach Stay or Black Sands Lodge.